Resonance, a perception workshop

Esemény időpontja: 2024. május 29. 18:00:00

“Ernst Bloch famously called utopias ‘the education of desire’ – they are not just far-off dreams but here with us, visible to us through glimpses and fragments in our daily experience.” – (Schmelzer et al., 2022)
We would like to invite you to this workshop, where you will have time to stop by in this fast-running world, to come back to your body sensations, to connect with your surroundings and the others. We will also discover how reconnecting is linked to the building of a more desirable world and go through some degrowth concepts.
This workshop is for everyone, who is open to trying new things, who wants to experience connecting with others and the feeling of being fully present. This workshop is thought of as a place where you can pause from the loudness of everyday life, where you can listen to each other, pay attention to the non-human, wander and marvel at the beauty of simple things.
About the organizers: through the workshop will guide you Jean-Paul and Anna, both working at Cargonomia. Passionate about dance, Jean-Paul is an engineering student from France. Anna is an environmental studies student from the Czech Republic, who loves to try new things and go through new experiences.
Where: at Bolygo. If the weather conditions are good enough, we might go outside.
When: 29th of May from 18:00 to 20:00
The workshop is in English and free.

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